Monday, February 13, 2017

Septuagesima Sunday

This past Sunday is Septuagesima Sunday. It is a tradition that has been in the Catholic church since about the 500's.  I, myself, am just coming to understand the meaning and importance of this Sunday and the next two in helping us prepare for Lent.

It was typically a time to "bury the alleluia".  Also, it was a time when the "Gloria" was no longer said during Mass, preparing ourselves for penance, a time of preparation.

Lent used to be a lot harder than it is for us today. We are a generation that finds it difficult to give up, to sacrifice, to do acts of penance because things and food do come easier for us today than they did for our ancestors. We have to work harder to become holier due to the fact that the temptations are much greater for us to slack off in this pursuit.

I hope these links help you understand also, so we all can become holier and closer to Our Lord this Lenten season.

Saint Anne and our pursuit to be be godly homemakers.

Saint Anne, the blessed Mother's mother, is the patroness of homemakers and those who love to sew. As a homemaker, it is a good idea to know some of how to sew. I am not saying one needs to be making their own clothing, unless you like to and have the time. Nor am I saying that one who has very small children at home will have a lot of time to do much sewing but as time goes on and children get older or children go off to school it is a good idea for the homemaker to know how to sew. There are many videos and online lessons that are available to partake in today that will help you to know how to become more proficient in this part of homemaking.

Many times today we find ourselves on the computer, spending most of that time on Facebook or Twitter, which can lead to being a waste of time. I am not saying you should not be on either of those at all but it is important to watch our time and use our time productively. It seems today that Facebook and Twitter are becoming more and more of gossip and complaint pages rather than places of social enjoyment.

I, myself am choosing to stop using the computer and internet as a way of wasting my time on Facebook with all of its gossiping and arguing or spending my time hearing all the horrible news out there but instead to improve myself in my care of my home and family.

In Proverbs 31 the godly woman is instructed to:   "put out her hand to strong things, and her fingers have taken hold of the spindle." Douay Rheims Proverbs 31:18

Also we read in Titus 2:  Women are to be discreet, chaste, sober, having a care of the house...

So,  you see it is a good thing, according to Scripture for women to care for their homes and families. It is very lovely to pursue the arts of homemaking, one of which should be having the ability to sew, at least some of the basics. At times it will be more difficult than others because we are always to remember that the people in our homes come first. Their spiritual and temporal needs are most important and should be our top priority.  

Sewing and creating are beneficial endeavors. It is a rewarding and uplifting feeling to make something beautiful. Just as God created the world and then said, "it is good", we too can lovingly create and then step back and say, "it is good". 

Prayer to Saint Anne: 

Dear Saint Anne, we know nothing about you except your name. But you gave us the Mother of God who called herself handmaid of the Lord. In your home you raised the Queen of Heaven and are rightly the model of homemakers. In your womb came to dwell the new Eve uniquely conceived without sin. Intercede for us that we too may remain free from sin. Amen. 

God bless you in your roles as homemakers. I pray that with the help of our Lord and the intercession of Saint Anne you find joy in this endeavor as you work to maintain godly Catholic homes.

An Awesome Prayer, for such a time as this and hope we don't lose it.

I love to watch old shows. I love old movies and I love all the old sitcoms. I thought today I would watch a Father Knows Best. I first started watching a Christmas episode and then I decided it was too early and thought I would watch a Thanksgiving episode and then I ran across this. Many times people make fun of sitcoms such as Father Know's Best and maybe especially because they think it is corny but much of what happened in this episode still happens today. Father said something he shouldn't have. He criticized the youngest daughter's poem and hurt the little girl terribly. He needed to apologize and she was very forgiving. Isn't that how we should be of each other in our families. Forgiving. We know we will hurt each other but we learn to be forgiving. Hurting someone as we all do at times and then needing their forgiveness makes us realize how important they are to us.

Father also realized how grateful he was to live in a country where he could pray and worship and have religious freedom and also freedom of speech. This family was very grateful for such things. Things that seem to be at stake for us right now. Things that could be lost in the near future. I hope to remember this Thanksgiving and everyday our freedoms and pray they are maintained and pray through this time of uncertainty over the universal health care and the freedom of the Catholic church that more Catholics will grow in their faith and reach out to the world.